Matthew Razzano, Esquire

Matthew Razzano focuses his practice on criminal defense. As a regular part of his practice, he defends people who have been charged with DWI, drug crimes, violent crimes, theft crimes, fraud, and many other types of offenses. Matthew is admitted to practice in the Federal and State Court of New Jersey, as well as the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the Federal Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania.

Matthew has been a practicing criminal defense lawyer since his admission to the New Jersey and Pennsylvania Bar in 2002. He began in private practice where he focused on defending people accused of criminal offenses. For more than thirteen years, Matthew has practiced criminal defense at both the state and federal levels. He has represented hundred of citizens charged with crimes across New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

It is important to note that when you have been charged with a crime, whether it is a minor offense or a serious offense, your rights, your freedom, and your life are on the line. Matthew has the knowledge, experience, and vision necessary to meaningfully defend your rights, advance your interests, and put you in a position to move forward in a positive direction at the conclusion of your case. Not many attorneys have his level of experience and dedication, which has led to numerous successful case outcomes for his clients.  Matthew is well-known and respected by judges, prosecutors, and district attorneys.

Matthew will assist you in defining your personal goals for the outcome of your case and develops a strategy to achieve those objectives. As your attorney he works hard to understand the circumstances that led to the criminal charge. These circumstances tell the story of your experience, rather than a still-frame snapshot of the single worst moment in your life. This allows him to bring the human component back into the equation and return the focus to you as a person. This approach reverses the stigma created by the nature of the charges you face. Matthew’s personalized approach is key to minimizing-if not eliminating-the consequences of the criminal accusation.

Matthew Razzano received his Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Marist College, and his Juris Doctor degree from Thomas M. Cooley Law School. He is married and the proud father of two.

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